The V-Lock Universal Mounting System
The V-Lock Universal Mounting System
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Applications - Electronics

Most electronics on the boat are used so often that you install them permanently and forget about it.

Here are some exceptions sent in by customers that use the V-Lock to give them some flexibility in where, when and how they are used:

Lowrance Sidescan console mounted in the cockpit. This is also a nice example of how the V-Lock can be used in conjunction with other mounting systems like RAM.

Lowrance Sidescan using V-Lock

Chart plotter mounted out by the helm.

Chart Plotter mounted on a V-Lock

EPIRB mounted in multiple locations depending on where you are, or stowed.

Up Top.

EPIRB safely mounted

In the locker.

EPIRB mounted with V-Lock

Down below.

EPIRB clean installation

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