The V-Lock Universal Mounting System
The V-Lock Universal Mounting System
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Applications - V-Lock for the Grill

V-Lock offers reliable boat grills and accessories that save you time and keep your hands free. Why wait to cook the catch you are proud of when you can use the V-Lock to mount the grill on your boat?

By using our V-Lock system, your grill mounts for boats will be secure, safely keeping your cooking station in place no matter what is happening on the water. What sets us apart is the technology we use to keep our boat grills and accessories adaptable to your needs. Because the V-Lock system is easy to move and made from marine grade aluminum, you will have a convenient, long-lasting accessory that will transform your grilling experience on the boat.


Secure grill on boat using V-LockAll grills fit the V-Lock system for boating

Here is an example of a kettle gas grill mounted to a square railing using the V-Lock square rail kit for pontoon boats.

Attach a grill to your boat using V-Lock bracket

Here is a grill on a v-lock using the round rail kit.

Grill on the Round Rail Kit

V-Lock round rail kit Grill

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