The V-Lock Universal Mounting System
The V-Lock Universal Mounting System
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Applications - Down Riggers

Down riggers are probably the most popular use of the V-Lock after trolling motors. In all customer submitted examples shown here the V-Lock aluminum base was used. The starboard V-Lock base is not recommended for down riggers.

These were sent in from a customer in British Columbia who mounted two electric down riggers on a classic Bertram.

Two down riggers installed using V-Lock mounting system

Nice action shot!

Down Rigger securely installed on fiberglass boat

Nice Pacific Sunset!

Sunset over the Pacific with V-Lock mounted downriggers

Here is a V-lock used for a down rigger on a kayak:

Down rigger Kayak V-Lock

This one sent in from a V-Lock customer in Australia.

Down rigger on V-Lock

These are from a customer in Chicago. Note, that it not a V-Lock wedge, but it gave us the idea for the wedge....

Down rigger up-righted using V-Lock wedge

Here is a nice down rigger install mounted on an aluminum skiff in Tromso Norway. So the V-Lock has been tested above the Arctic circle..

Down rigger installed on a aluminum skiff

Note that there is no reason that down riggers need to be on a level surface to function properly.

One more observation from the next two pictures: it doesn't matter so much if the entire down rigger base is on the V-Lock insert. It can hang over a bit as long as the bolt pattern is supported.

This customer gets the idea and uses the V-Lock for a lot of applications, including the down rigger.

Here is a Cannon down rigger on a Reinnel ski boat. The V-Lock can make a pleasure boat a fishing boat and vice-versa!

Down rigger on a World Cat using the V-Lock.

I think these are called Big Jon down riggers.

Here is a plain Cannon downrigger base on a bent insert. So simple!

Downrigger Base mounted on a V-Lock bent insert

Here is a Scotty electric

Scotty electric downrigger on a V-Lock

Here are down riggers on a ski boat.

We have a lot more pictures, but you get the idea.

Check out the Customer Spotlight pages and you can find some more.

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