The V-Lock Universal Mounting System
The V-Lock Universal Mounting System
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Applications - Outboard Motor

These were sent in by one of our first customers (thanks birdman)! 

Looking for a way to store/stow his kicker motor upright, he found the V-Lock to be the solution. A number of other customers have since seen these pictures and copied the idea.

Store and secure your outboard motor

This was before we had the large inserts and he made this adapter to make the small insert wide enough for the motor.


V-Lock system for your outboard motor

Here is an example where the customer actually use a 10HP outboard motor running with the V-Lock. The insert had some additional welding to support the load. Also note that the V-Lock base was drilled and tapped to have a pull pin on both sides.

10HP Outboard Motor on a V-Lock

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