The V-Lock Universal Mounting System
The V-Lock Universal Mounting System
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Applications - Seat Back

Here is the V-lock used to support a seat back. 

V-Lock seat Back

From the Captain:

" The boat is a 23 carolina skiff 23 ultra elite.  The rear seat on this boat is horrible stock, it is a torture chair for my passengers, so I custom made this seat back rest and used your v-locks to be able to remove the seat once we get to our fishing spot off shore about 30-40 miles.  I remove it at our destination and put it in the console to fish and open the livewell and storage box.  It is in the way of fishing without removing it.  I had to do extensive modification to make the lower seat work with the back rest but now it is so nice, my passengers go to sleep.  They say it is like a recliner.  There is a long story about me modifying the carolina skiff and the factory not liking it.  I think I have the only one of its kind. "

V-Lock seat Back 

Many thanks to GC of NC for the pictures.

V-Lock seat back remoceable

A lot of people have used the V-Lock for seats and seat backs but these are the first useable pictures to demonstrate the application.

V-Lock seat back

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