The V-Lock Universal Mounting System
The V-Lock Universal Mounting System
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Applications - Work Bench

The V-Lock is not just for boats, you can use them anywhere you need to mount something and need to be able to move it, or use something else in its place.

Here are a few examples of you you can use the V-Lock to make your life easier on the work bench. 

One of our favorites is the vice. something you need all the time, but as soon as you bolt it down it seems to get in your way!

V-Lock system for the work bench

How about a way to quickly move or remove your bench grinder!

Attach a grinder to the work bench

Since most of these workbench applications are heavy (like the vice), and there is not much chance of going upside down..... it works fine to remove the pull-pin.

That way you can pull out things with one hand....

Attach a drill to your work bench

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