The V-Lock Universal Mounting System
The V-Lock Universal Mounting System
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The V-Lock Universal Mounting System 

If you have ever run into the issue of how you will be able to use all of your boating and fishing gear at once, we have come up with a solution. Enter V-Lock, a unique universal mounting system that securely holds your accessories for boats. Need a rod holder? Problem solved. Cup holder? You got it. The list goes on.

We combine simplicity, versatility, interchangeability, and utility to give you the ideal end result: a universal mounting system that can solve every dilemma big or small as you are out on the water. What also makes us different is how we assemble our accessories for boats. Each piece of your V-Lock system has been constructed from dependable, sturdy, and high-quality materials.

We encourage you to continue navigating our site, exploring how you can benefit from having all of your gear securely fastened and always at the ready. V-Lock can transform from a grill mount to a trolling motor mount to a downrigger system and a lot more!


The V-Lock is Made in the USA

Made in the USA

The V-Lock is now proudly made in the USA.

V-Lock Customer Spotlight

Customer Spotlight

Highlighting some customer submitted pictures of V-Lock installations and applications.

V-Lock Interactive Map

Who is using the V-Lock

Here is an interactive map of the last 150 or so orders from this website.




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