The V-Lock Universal Mounting System
The V-Lock Universal Mounting System
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Review - Nuts & Bolts of Fishing and Boating

Captain Cefus McRae, Host of The Nuts & Bolts of Fishing

Every so often you come across a product that makes you stop and do a double take. Well that's exactly what we did at the Miami Boat Show recently. And here's why...
Misc mounting brackets
When you buy something for your boat -- a rod holder, a search light, a gunwale mounted table, a gas grill, etc., each of them typically comes with a mounting bracket. And more often than not, that mounting bracket will ONLY fit the accessory that it came with. Now you've got to hope you picked the best location for it, and that you never need to put it anyplace else. Beyond that, you can't mount anything else there because 'that' mounting plate or bracket is in the way.

They say necessity is the Mother of Invention, and that's precisely what Michael Rowan of V-Lock Mounting Systems discovered. Michael created a universal mounting system that gives us boat owners the ultimate in flexibility and versatility. Now you can put just about anything...just about anywhere, and you can place accessories whenever you want.

With the V-Lock Universal Mounting System you get a receiver bracket to attach to your boat in a logical, practical place. Then you have the option of a flat or L-shaped mounting plate. Attach your accessory mount to the plate and you're good to go. The mounting plates slide down into a 'vee' slot on the receiver, AND they lock into place with a spring-loaded locking pin.

Now, you can rig your boat for fishing with a rod holder, a bait tray or whatever... and in seconds change out the gear in your cockpit for relaxing or entertaining with a table, cup holders or gas grill.

Place a couple receiver brackets around on the boat, and you have the ability to configure your boat however you'd like. The receiver brackets are very thin, so there's less chance of catching clothing or a knee, compared to a large mount. They even make a mounting bracket for square railing, and that's a huge benefit to folks who own pontoon boats. Plus, the big benefit is you can remove your gear by pulling the spring pin and store it safely out of sight.

Simple? Yep. Wish you'd invented it? Yessir. Want to know more? Well just Click on the Image to watch a quick video we shot in Miami.

And as you saw in the video V-Lock's aren't just for boats. Sure they're made from sturdy, corrosion-resistant aluminum. But these would be really handy for a workbench, back deck, boat dock railing, even RV's.

Want one or two of your own? I know I do...Hint Hint. Here's where you can get them.





















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