The V-Lock Universal Mounting System
The V-Lock Universal Mounting System
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V-Lock, One Great Idea!

V-Lock Base Ultimate Bass

When V Lock became a sponsor of Ultimate Bass they sent us one to try out. At first look I thought this was ingenious and like always I say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”. Then I got to thinking about applications for my boat? The first thing that came to mind is that I would love to have one of those giant screen sonar units, however everyone I talk to says you really need one up front at the trolling motor and one at the consol. They all say if you’re going to jump, jump with both feet. Well I simply can’t afford 2 sonar units that are near or over $2000 each. With the V-Lock though, I could interchange electronics or move one from the front of the boat to the consol of the boat with easy and much cheaper than buying two units.

I took the V-Lock to a couple of tournaments with me to show everyone what I had come across. The first to jump at its possibilities were my Fishing Guide friends. Many of them fish mostly for bass but will take a crappie or perch trip during the slower months. The V-Lock was a perfect way for them to add rod holders to their boats without making them permanent fixtures or having to run a screw into the fiberglass multiple times when they were changing up the species they targeted. After just a few times fiberglass will eventually strip out requiring new holes to be drilled. The V-Lock eliminates that, drill it once and done.

I took it next door to my neighbor who has a nice work shop, mostly for wood working, to see what he thought he could use it for. Before we even got to the shop he was rattling off ideas. Everything from a portable vise to a mounting different tools. He said that he would first make a couple different mini work benches that he could interchange, one with felt on it to protect a project, one that would be basic that he could get glue and different things that he wouldn’t want on his regular full sized bench, and finally a metal one that he could beat on.

It only takes just a few minutes to see where the V-Lock is a great idea, it will save you money, it will make a variety of things more handy or readily available, basically it just plain simplifies life. Inventor Michael Rowan, like most great inventions, developed the V-Lock out of necessity. Simply too many things we can have on our boats but not enough room to mount them all. However you don’t really need them all at the same time. I.E. tie down cleats, you really only need them at the dock, but when out fishing why not remove them and replace them with a sonar or rod holder.

I highly recommend that you swing by the site You will instantly see how the V-Lock can make your fishing and boating much more pleasurable.

Mike Cork

Ultimate Bass

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